BCIT – The Secrets and Merry Christmas

So I’ve been digging around and trying to find out all of the secrets, tricks and loopholes at BCIT. Here are the ones I found:

This website

When ever I get a hold of anything that will aid our studies or clarify things I will put it on the website. If you feel like you are receiving too many posts from me, change your settings so that you receive it once a week instead of daily


You can print one page for free once a day at the Media Works down in the eHpod. I’d suggest printing out expensive cover pages this way. The quality is real good and it’s FREE.

Forks, Spoons and Knives

The Stand, a business run by the Student Association meant for the students charges us for forks and spoons! Unfortunately these things aren’t FREE. Since BCIT doesn’t try to nickel and dime us every step of the way, The Stand will. Talk about a markup.


If you need a free pen, go to the bookstore. They give out free The Bookstore pens.

Condoms/ Lube

Be safe, get your free condoms and lube at the U-Connect.


There is peer tutoring every day after school in the Stacks. The tutors are decent. I’ll be available to help you if you give me enough notice.


You can play the PS3 and Wii for free in the Student Association Center provided that you bring your own controllers. If not, it’s a small fee of $1.50.

You can play ping-pong for free too, with valid student I.D.

You work out for free with valid student I.D.

Audio Video Equipment

The A/V office is located at the bottom floor of SW-3. You can borrow everything from cameras, to video recorders, to microphones, to tape recorders. It’s free with your student I.D. Be more responsible than I am and return these items on time. Or else you’ll receive a few tactful e-mails telling you to return it before you lose your borrowing privileges.

Exam Prep

Last semester, Chris, Cody and Rafael all taught exam prep for different subjects.


Every so often the BCIT Student Association puts on some pretty sweet events. During exam week they had the FREE shiatsu massages and Tibetan Gong Sound Healing. Be on the look out for the next great event.


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