A little about the editor and the website:

This website is digitally traces my journey through the Operations Management program at B.C.I.T. In the brief but intense time here I hope to make some kind of impact. There’s a combination of updates on projects, study guides, interviews and videos.

I constantly take on new challenges. Along with a lot of accomplishments are a lot of failures. I’ve had a chance to experience a bit in the last few years and have learned a lot from it. There’s a growing list of activities that I know are better suited for other people. Without trying it for myself, I would have never known that. You really can’t be great at everything, but you won’t know unless you try.

Music: Music was never a big part of my family upbringing other than watching the “Paris by Night” series. Unlike the stereotypical Asian family, my parents never signed me up for piano lessons. I always had a desire to learn instruments and eventually started in my late teens. Well about 2 years ago I formed a nerdy hip-hop group with a bunch of high school friends. We’ve recorded 6 songs so far and periodically record a few of them. I’ve always thought that music can connect humans in a way that nothing else can.

Sports: This has always been a huge part of growing up. For the entirety of my childhood I threw away my lunches (what a waste) and never ate vegetables. Playing sports has always been a challenge since I was so much smaller than everyone else. The one thing that you couldn’t teach is “height” the one thing I never had. Everything else is just achieved through hard work and practice. Of course there is natural ability, but you also need to put time into the craft. Team sports has provided me with such a great infrastructure for success. In a team, there are different roles such as captain, assistant captain, emotional leader from the bench and the superstar. Playing testosterone driven sports like Basketball has helped me learn to manage all kinds of personalities. Through out high school I played on 3-4 team sports per school year: volleyball and basketball having the greatest impact on my life.

Volleyball: Our school has a great tradition of being one of the best in the city. We were never the best, but we were always in the Top 3. We were expected to perform and we worked hard every year to do so.

Basketball: I played from grade 8-11 on a squad that could be statistically the worst team in BC High-school sports. We were the “Washington Generals” of BC Basketball. Imagine having a winning-percentage of 0.175 but still always working hard during practice. We wore green and gold proud even if we never really won any games. Periodically we would win a basketball game and the feeling was like completing a huge project.

Fraternity: When I was 18, I decided to move out of my parents house and live with a close friend. I really wanted to gain independence even though I spent my life very sheltered. After negotiations with my parents, I ended up moving onto the UBC campus in a Frat House. Prior to this move, I had no idea what a fraternity was but it was something that would change me forever. I met many great people and had so many great memories. From this experience, I’m left with a lot of great stories. Being part of a fraternity is like what you see in the movies, except you meet a lot more intellectuals than you’d imagine. For 4-6 years men go through college/university and act as though they are children set free for the first time. They go on to become lawyers, doctors, teachers and politicians. Even though the UBC administration have tried to oppress the Greek System, many of its members are most involved on campus.

The Third World: Well back in the summer of 2009 I had a life changing moment. It was my own TSN turning point. I had set out that night to chalk the city with my artwork. I think I was just bored and wanted to do something rebellious. I invited a friend and we began our skateboarding journey throughout Vancouver. We rode through Chinatown and Pigeon Park at night and realized how dirty it really was. Instead of making a dirty city even worst we decided to do something positive. It started with an idea that led to an action and this action led to a formation of a non-profit society. It started out with a big bang and a lot of excitement. There was media coverage and a lot of support. Our first major roadblock was registering our name. For three  months we existed without being registered. We had grown to love the ambiguous name “The Third World.” We were unable to register it because it was already taken. So legally we had to think of something else. We spent two tiresome months thinking of a new name before settling for “The Vancouver Community Action Force,” we would later rescind this name even though it is registered. For now, we still exist unregistered but with the dreams intact. This night time rebellion led me to start something wonderful and it ultimately led me to BCIT to learn more about business. I have a dream to make a big difference in Vancouver, but I wanted a strong educational background to back it up. So here I am and here is the website.

Jay Ho


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