Google Docs with Elena (APICS)

Google Docs writeup By: Adriana Ng

Starting Jan 19th, 2011, I officially converted from a Hotmail user to a Gmail user. Why you ask? Well, I attended the Google Docs and Dropbox workshop gratefully provided by Elena Kuznetsova and Sean Hepple who shared their knowledge on how to collaborate and manage school projects with others.

Honestly, I wish I learned this valuable skill last year to communicate with members on teams because by the end of each project I had more than 200 emails of conversation between people or multiple versions of a report. This was frustrating because one member would be working on their part and then hand it in through email but another member would be working on the older version and by the end week, we would find all these extra mistakes that were corrected before but on different copies of work. This would be a continuous cycle of disorganization.

Google Docs is so beneficial to get everyone to work on the same file and have a discussion simultaneously. Other great skills we got to learn were:- Creating folders and subfolders for project files- Sharing folders and certain files with team members- Creating a group contact for team in Gmail- Managing versions and revisions of the documents Elena also taught us how to make forms in less than five minutes which can be applied in any of our courses. For example, surveys to be done for marketing? Yes, of course! At the end of the workshop, Elena got all the Opmans to compete in a friendly game to check if we were paying attention and following her instructions. Congratulations to our winners! Chris Craxton and Irene Liang who are now certified to share their knowledge on GoogleDocs and Dropbox!

Please see Chris or Irene for any questions or concerns about GoogleDocs!

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Transformers Volleyball Game Thursday 6:30 PM

Written Jay Ho:

Tomorrow is the start of our Volleyball Season! The new team name is Transformers (INPUTS—> OUTPUTS). Two teams with varying success from last semester were merged into one fantastic team. In the line up this week.

Starting (6): Jay Ho, Alana Douglas, Sophia Coulter, Alex Osipov, Tim Wong, Glen Kim
Game time decision: Dalton Burgess
Gone to the APICS PDM: Anna Le Good, Chris Craxton, Natalia M.

Please come by 6:15PM with your Student ID and go to the front desk to sign-in.

UPDATE: We crushed the other team 2-0 (21-14, 21-7). Thanks to Jay Ho, Glen Kim, Alana Douglas, Sophia Coulter, Alex Osipov and Niko Condon for coming out to the game on time.

Have a good one,

Jay Ho

BCIT – The Secrets and Merry Christmas

So I’ve been digging around and trying to find out all of the secrets, tricks and loopholes at BCIT. Here are the ones I found:

This website

When ever I get a hold of anything that will aid our studies or clarify things I will put it on the website. If you feel like you are receiving too many posts from me, change your settings so that you receive it once a week instead of daily


You can print one page for free once a day at the Media Works down in the eHpod. I’d suggest printing out expensive cover pages this way. The quality is real good and it’s FREE.

Forks, Spoons and Knives

The Stand, a business run by the Student Association meant for the students charges us for forks and spoons! Unfortunately these things aren’t FREE. Since BCIT doesn’t try to nickel and dime us every step of the way, The Stand will. Talk about a markup.


If you need a free pen, go to the bookstore. They give out free The Bookstore pens.

Condoms/ Lube

Be safe, get your free condoms and lube at the U-Connect.


There is peer tutoring every day after school in the Stacks. The tutors are decent. I’ll be available to help you if you give me enough notice.


You can play the PS3 and Wii for free in the Student Association Center provided that you bring your own controllers. If not, it’s a small fee of $1.50.

You can play ping-pong for free too, with valid student I.D.

You work out for free with valid student I.D.

Audio Video Equipment

The A/V office is located at the bottom floor of SW-3. You can borrow everything from cameras, to video recorders, to microphones, to tape recorders. It’s free with your student I.D. Be more responsible than I am and return these items on time. Or else you’ll receive a few tactful e-mails telling you to return it before you lose your borrowing privileges.

Exam Prep

Last semester, Chris, Cody and Rafael all taught exam prep for different subjects.


Every so often the BCIT Student Association puts on some pretty sweet events. During exam week they had the FREE shiatsu massages and Tibetan Gong Sound Healing. Be on the look out for the next great event.

Professor Mugs – The Epitome of Variable Service

I am judging this establishment on 7 criteria:

  • Service : I learnt that by definition service is variable and boy is it variable at Professor Mugs. There are some servers that are good and know what they are doing. There are a few that need to be retrained or trained for the first service. I have had to grab my own utensils because the server kept forgetting it. (FAIL)
  • Food: The fries are good and the potato skins are delicious. (PASS)
  • Price: They have daily specials which are priced well. Everything else on the menu is priced appropriately.
  • Beer Selection: They always have a beer special for $14/pitcher. They sell Molson Canadian so they are good in my books. (PASS)
  • Entertainment: Foosball, pool and the occasional band is good enough. Their music selection on an ongoing basis is questionable. (PASS)
  • Bartender: The bald headed guy is nice and knows his drinks. (PASS)
  • Ambience: I like the atmosphere, especially when exams are done. (PASS).

6 out of 7 is pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s a service based business and the customer comes first. I think the service staff really needs to improve. There’s no point of making good food if it takes too long to get there. By the time the customer has been neglected that long they lose their appetite.

Since it’s the local pub for B.C.I.T. students I’ll continue to frequent it in the new year. Hoping for good service but I’ll demand it if it’s not up to par. They need a lesson from Habibi from the Hookah Lounge!

UPDATE: The service has been slightly better in 2011.

2010 Awards for Excellence

These awards were selected by a one person panel (me, Jay Ho). This is completely subjective and meant to showcase people who I think have done a great service to the program.

Best Impersonations:

Tim VV as Shawn B

Best Set:

This award will be shared by both Set A and Set B. You are both awesome and there isn’t any real rivalry between the two because: we are all OPMT (the very best).

Best Set Rep:

Anna – Anna has done a great job as the rep for OPMT Set B. She works super hard and has been a real role model. Keep up the good work. Watch out ’cause Set A will have a new set rep next semester!

Best Teachers:

This award will bring up the most debate and controversy. Everyone has a differing opinion on teaching styles and expectations. This year’s teacher of the year award goes to……

Chris Craxton – Although Chris may not be a teacher employed by BCIT, he gave many students a much better chance at passing microeconomics. Lets hope that he continues his exam prep with macroeconomics 🙂

Richard Vurdela – No one commanded a classroom like he did. I enjoyed the way the course was taught and structured.

Tracey Oh – In her first year at B.C.I.T. she really made a big difference helping us out with accounting 1.

Comedic Gold:

This award was also a very tough one to give out. It was a race between Matt Baxter and Dalton Burgess.

Congratulations Mr. Burger, you have taken home the coveted award.

Master Debater:

This award was a toss up between two set B fellows. The first showed the kind of poise that is most appropriate for a board meeting. The second showed the kind of flair that you see from the guy selling slap chops. Michael Mak narrowly beats out Klarence Gamba for the master debater.

Best Russian:

Rafael Zveibil

Best Team:

Team Diversity (Jay Ho, Rafael, Nima, Morvarid, Miranda and Therealtimchow)

Memorable quotes/saying/catchphrases:

“Buddy brooooooo!” -Nima

“BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!! XD” – Klarence Gamba after the Operation Terror presented by The Campus Lite

“O-give” -Dalton

“where Q naught and P naught are at equilibrium” -either Wayne or Dalton

“Got dang, there’s a m*ther f*cking rock in my shoe.” -Chris Craxton

“I ride in the back of cars and the front of airplanes b%tches” -Dalton

“I can’t WAIT until 10 am December 10th” -Tara Chapman

“I’ll be your sugar mama until you can be my sugar daddy.” -Tara Chapman

“I’m going to rock this exam.” -Therealtimchow

“You mean the one we just finished?” -me

“Oh shitt…..” -Therealtimchow

“Or if your a black rapper you would say, fiddy cent” – Leslie Fairburn

“Yeaaaaaaahhh” – Pri Ya

“Lorraine. I’m playing you the world’s smallest violin.” -Niko

“The best is to be monkey smart….These people just get things done” -Dean

“You know that saying “Those who can’t do teach?” It’s not true. “Those who can’t do teach at UBC.” – anonymous student or teacher I forget


  • Garibaldi Camping/Hiking Trip – Therealtimchow conquered muscular atrophy and made it down the mountain. A betting man would have lost that day. “Anna’s cooking is the best”-therealtimchow
  • Bowling at REVS – “Hey you guys are the OPMT people.” Lots of bzzrs, fun and Elena dancing that night.
  • Hookah – It’s a love/hate relationship with my lungs, but good times are had. Collectively we have been there so many times that we could have bought many hookahs. However, Habibi (our friend who works there) is the king of customer service, hands down.
  • Operation Terror Halloween Boat Cruise – 10 shooters for $20 dollars. Chris ended up shirtless in the picture above. Enough said 🙂
  • Volleyball – with a rag tag crew, we managed to have teams ranked #1 and last place in our pool. Anna was cute as a button and even had a game within spike-tip!  Natalia showed us her powerful swings (she’s quite strong). Dalton dazzled us with his serve. Chris chose to use his head or foot whenever he had a chance. “He does what he wants.”
  • Apics PDM – Informative. The networking was nice and the food was great.
  • Studying at eHpod/Stacks and exam preps – We really rallied together and tried to help each other out. Disregarding the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns, it was a great experience.
  • Earls/Vancouver Giants Hockey Game/Chris’ B-day/Exams are over – That was a fun day. Elena and Nadia were dancing yet again. Chris had a nice glazed over look in his eyes which meant success.
  • Handing out socks- With a small crew we went to the DTES and gave out many bags of socks, toothbrushes and gloves. It was a real eye opening experience. I thought I had an idea of what it’s like there, but I didn’t. I still don’t. There will be a round 2, but this time we will be bringing reinforcements.

Thanks to all those students in OPMT, BMGT, MKTG, INTT, ITMG and FMGT for a great semester. Also Apics, BCITMC, BCITMA and SIFE!