Home Street Home

I was approached by two classmates about heading downtown to give out food. After much discussion, we decided that there was a bigger need for socks.

Most of us can imagine how uncomfortable it is to walk around with wet socks. Imagine wearing the same pair for days on end, even weeks.

A group of 10 of us headed to the DTES to give out socks, gloves and toothbrushes. It was an experience that I’ll never forget. I met some people who used to be on the streets but have changed their lives and are now support workers. I had a feeling that some of the socks would immediately enter the Pigeon Park market. What each person did with the socks, we’ll never know. At least we were able to give them something meaningful.

The experience really hit me when we entered the church shelter. There was a pungent smell that reminded of the soup kitchen. People were genuinely grateful for these small gifts. This was a project and by definition it’s a one time thing. Everyone who came down had a different reason for doing it. Myself, I just want to help.


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