The Hall of Fame

Excellence in Teaching

Co-recipients – Tracey Oh, Richard Vurdela and Chris Craxton

Why did she deserve it?

In her first year as an instructor at BCIT she has already won over the hearts of first year business students. She has an extensive work experience in banking, accounting and now teaching. It was quite obvious that she wanted the best for her students. She went beyond the call of duty and helped many students succeed in accounting. It’s a shame that she will not be teaching accounting 2 next semester. Best of luck Tracey.

Why did he deserve it?

No one commands a room like Richard does. I just always felt like he had control of the class and did his best to maintain it. For the most part I knew what to expect from him and he really pushed me to do my best. He brought up the most important idea during the last week of classes. If you can’t connect everything then BCIT is just a bunch of interest courses. The beauty is connecting everything. My way of doing it is through mind maps.

Why did Chris deserve it?

Chris is a great teacher. For the last semester he conducted microeconomics exam prep sessions for both of the midterms and the final. Thanks for helping everyone pass economics. I went to his sessions just so I can learn a thing or two about teaching.

Hall of Fame Winter Edition

Well it’s a bit early right now but the front runners are Richard Ranftl and Bob Santerossa.Richard has shown that he not only has the knowledge but also the heart to reach out to the students. Bob has a chance to win it out of sheer charisma and Letterman-like charm. He’s quickly compiled a list of sayings such as “cupcake, turkey, you can call me Uncle Bobby.”


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